Company Profile

Schunk Carbon Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
The wholly owned representative of Schunk Group in China was set up in 1996 in Guangzhou, Guangdong.
The company is managed by Chinese and European experts, manufactures carbon brushes out of imported high quality carbon and graphite materials by using European technology, main production machines and equipment are imported from Europe.

To imagine a life without Schunk today is not easy.
After all, Schunk is a major contributor that we can have the things that we take for granted in our everyday life

Automotive, Carbon Brushes, Brush Assembly, Brush Holders as well as Complete Ready-to-Install Modules for any electric motor in a vehicle, Brush Systems, Starter. Together with our customers, we develop customized solutions for every electric motor - and with a constantly high level of quality.

Current Transmission - Railways, Pantographs and Carbon Strips, Earthing Contacts and Brushes, 3rd Rail Current Collectors and Collector Shoes, Carbon Brushes and Brush Holder System for safe and reliable current transmission, even under the toughest conditions.

Current Transmission - Industry, Carbon Brushes and Holders with high quality for the drive system and electric motors in Steel industry, Cement industry, Wind turbines, Power plant & Hydropower, Paper industry, Ports, Wire, Tyre machines, low voltage motors, etc.

For Wind turbines, Schunk slip rings and carbon brushes can be used in extremely hard environments like high altitude, low humidity, offshore...

Small Motor Technology, Schunk Carbon brushes with best performance for power tools and household appliances like drills, circular saw, washing machines, vacuum cleaners as well as micro brushes. Thanks to our high-performance development department and extensive testing facilities, our carbon brushes fulfill the highest standards and are always of a very high quality.

Tribology, Carbon Rings, Carbon Bearings, Carbon Vanes and Pumps components in all questions relating to materials for tribological applications. The products are used in a wide range of industrial applications, in chemical industry, the automobile industry, power engineering and the pharmaceuticals and food processing industries, as well as in many other applications.

High Temperature Applications, can be used in temperature ranges from 600°C up to 2,800°C (in a vacuum or under inert gas.), including oven construction, thermal treatment, glass processing, the production of semiconductors and solar cells, and analysis technology.

For Solar application, Schunk heaters and crucibles made of Graphite or C/C are used in conventional crystal growth.
During the crystal growing process our graphite and C/C components are used for melting and holding the material charge. As a leader in the field of the cleaning and coating (SiC, pyrocarbon) of graphites and C/C, we are able to supply extremely clean and highly resistant products.

Technical Ceramics business is the specialist for ceramic materials and components made from silicon carbide (SiC) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3), which are used in heat processing technology, oven and equipment construction and in process technology, including in burners for direct and indirect heating, as a burning aid. Thanks to its excellent properties, our SiC is also used in ballistic protection.

Schunk is not only sell out the products, we also bring out the product solution - this is why customers can rely on Schunk promises and keep long-term strategic cooperative partnership with Schunk.