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of the Schunk Group

In 1913, Ludwig Schunk and Karl Ebe launched Schunk Company in Fulda, Germany. The company was the expert of manufacturing and selling the dynamo/motor carbon brush which were widely used in industrial application, streetcar and train industries.

After 100 years, the Schunk Group has been a world leading carbon manufacturer with high-quality products, innovative technology and considerate service. By 2013, the Schunk Group is represented in 29 countries with a total of more than 60 companies. The number of employees is about 8,150 worldwide. Products are widely used in all key industries.

To support and service customers better, the wholly owned representative of Schunk Group in China was set up in 1996.By now, Schunk Carbon Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. always keeps a steady growth and wins the customers’ trust and praise.